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A Passionate Leader, with a track record of Relevant Experience and Success

Having grown up across countries and traveled extensively around the world has made me culturally aware and appreciative. I gained my global experience working in finance, developing strategies and resources by executing the International Finance Corporation's (World Bank Group’s private sector arm) ambitious goals for nearly twenty years. 

I developed strategies for business results, created models and prototypes for measuring enterprise risk, profitability, staff efficiency  and workforce planning. At one point in time, I was managing nearly 300 staff and consultants from over 50 different nationalities across the globe. I absolutely loved and thrived in this environment. 


My motivation is boosted in situations where I can challenge the norm, apply pragmatic business and analytical solutions while developing leadership and management styles. 


Leadership requires continuous awareness and appreciation of what makes us different and unique. I believe good leaders healthily challenge and know how to shift resources towards effective outcomes. The name ARYA Effective stems from my constant challenging of others over the years by asking the question “Are you Effective?” I do not like to check boxes for the sake of claiming accomplishment. Results have to matter and be scalable; they have to be effective. 


I look forward to applying my experience and skills for the benefit of businesses big & small, around the world. To-date, I have yet to meet a business challenge that I am not ready to take on, and a result that has not had a positive ripple effect for many. I pride myself on my most core values of honesty, integrity and positive intent. 

Get ready for a tough, yet fun and rewarding journey! Keep in mind,  I’m not going to tell you what you want to know, I’m going to tell you what you need to hear.

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